Sea of Galilee Swim

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My next swim is in Israel set for October 21 or 22

Everyone can follow my swim  progress online in real time, as I will be bringing my GPS. You can find the link next week at my Twitter account @swimtheriver.

.. I will swim a double-crossing of the Sea of Galilee, the lake of Genneserat, The Sea of Tiberias (see John 6:1; Luke 5:1), or, as the Israelis refer to it, the Kinneret. Anyone familiar with the Bible knows that this is the body of water that the Lord Jesus calmed during a terrible storm and even walked upon to aid His disciples. (Matthew 8:23-27; 14:22-33

It’s been on my bucket list to swim across and back on the Galilee and now I’m finally almost there. As a Catholic a Christian and a swimmer it’s kinda cool thing to do. It’s like a surreal moment.
No need for me to swim hard & fast on my return crossing, I prefer to enjoy the swim and soak up all the moments and views of this historic place.
. My sister who is the Doctor in the family will assist on the support boat, it’s our first time in Israel and we are both excited to visit & explore our Holyland.

I had a busy Summer of swimming  many Rivers, as I Conquered in the name of Promoting Environmental Awareness. The Ottawa, Gatineau, Rideau, St.Clair, St.Marys, French, Miramichi and more.

Two weeks ago, I was on vacation in The Philippines, I was scouting and planning my next Jungle marathon River swim set for January. It’s gonna be another long, crazy and dangerous 100k+ Swim Adventure.

*12 hr Pool Swim Challenge – December 10th, charity event for
OSPCA & Children Treatment Centre.

* Philippines 100k+ Jungle River Swim – January 2017

* Ottawa River Swim 150k – Pembroke to Ottawa arriving July1.  Straight swimming day & night, to celebrate Canada’s 150 Birthday Celebration.

* return to Triple & Deca Ironman 2017. Will train hard & smart to get the  W. for TriRudies

* Detroit River Swim – August 2017

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