Raisin River – COMPLETED – May 2015

South Nation River – May 2015

Gananoque River – June 2015

Richelieu River – June 2015

St. Lawrence River – June / July 2015

Rideau River Canal System – July 2015

Saint Johns River – August 2015

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  1. Pedro Sanchez

    Hello. My name is Pedro Sanchez and I work at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). I’m with CBC Radio’s national weekly current-affairs program: “Day 6”.

    I was reading the news today about Dave Merpaw starting his swim up the St. Lawrence to raise awareness about the river and about the work of the St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences.

    I wanted to reach out with the hopes that we could line-up a telephone interview with Dave later this week during one of his breaks. Perhaps on Thursday?

    Please let me know if you can help me to make it happen.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from someone on this.


    Pedro Sanchez | Producer
    CBC Radio: Day 6
    Phone: 416-458-3614

  2. Guy

    Hi Dave,
    I saw you doing your swim up the St. Lawrence this week, I think it’s great! Raising awarness for the river and the health of water sources and the environment like you are doing is so important, and to do it while swimming this distance is really special. I hope more people hear of this, and that your great message reaches many. Keep up the great work, and thank you! You are a real inspiration!

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